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Welcome to the page about online casino in Canada, a popular product that has grown strongly over the years. Here we list safe online casinos with approved gaming licenses together with the best welcome bonuses on the market. Casino online is an extensive product and includes everything from different gambling sites, game developers, different casino games, offers, promotions, how to play, responsible gambling. In other words, there is a lot to understand.

We will try to help our visitors to stay up to date through reviews, tips & tricks, a top list that contains the best welcome offers in Canada and more information about the product. Below you will find, first and foremost, a top list of selected casinos to check out. All sites we list have generous welcome offers.

Online Casino Offers

Casino Site:
Welcome Offer:
Kassu logo

C$1,500 in casino bonuses
✓ 300 free spins on deposit
✓ Weekly promotions

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Kassu Review
Justspin logo

C$500 in welcome bonuses
✓ 500 deposit free spins
✓ 100 no deposit spins

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VIPsCasino logo

C$200 welcome bonus
✓ 20% weekly cashack
✓ 500 bonus spins on Book of Dead

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VIPsCasino Review
Cashmio logo

First deposit bonus: 100% up to C$100
✓ 300 extra spins on deposits
✓ C$200 extra bonus offer

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Cashmio Review
888casino logo

100% up to C$200 first deposit bonus
✓ C$88 free, no deposit required
✓ Extra bonuses your first week

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Dunder casino logo

Up to C$600 in casino bonuses
✓ Get 180 free spins after first deposit
✓ 20 no deposit spins

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Dunder Review small logo

C$1,000 in welcome bonuses
✓ 900 deposit free spins
✓ 100 spins after registration

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Genesis casino logo

C$1,000 in the welcome pack
✓ 300 first deposit free spins
✓ Weekly promotions and VIP program

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Genesis Review
LeoVegas logo small

C$1,000 in the welcome package
✓ Up to 100 deposit cash spins
✓ 22 spins upon registration

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Mychance casino logo

Get up to C$1,000 in welcome bonuses
✓ 40 deposit free rounds
✓ 10 registration spins

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nyspins logo

C$100 welcome bonus
✓ 200 deposit free spins
✓ Loyalty program

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NYspins Review
Wishmaker casino logo

100 wish spins
✓ Play in Dead or Alive 2
✓ Loyalty program and promotions

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Vegas Hero Casino logo

C$1,000 in welcome bonuses
✓ 50 deposit free spins
✓ VIP program and promotions

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Rizk logo

First deposit bonus: 100% up to C$500
✓ 50 deposit free spins
✓ Wheel Of Rizk loyalty program

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Spinit logo

Up to C$1,000 in welcome bonuses
✓ Deposit free spins: 200
✓ Extra promotions on site

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Gate777 logo small

Welcome bonus: 150% up to C$200
✓ 77 extra bonus spins
✓ On-site promotions and loyalty

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Casino Joy logo

C$1,000 in welcome bonuses
✓ 200 First deposit free spins
✓ VIP program & promotions

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Casumo logo

First deposit bonus: 100% up to C$500
✓ 20 no deposit free spins
✓ Extra on-site promotions

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Videoslots logo

First deposit bonus: 100% up to C$200
✓ 11 deposit free spins
✓ Up to 4200 extra spins

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Bethard casino logo

First deposit bonus: 100% up to C$200
✓ Up to 250 deposit free spins
✓ Live casino bonus available

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mrgreen casino logo

C$1,200 in 5 welcome bonuses
✓ 200 deposit free spins
✓ Many extra promotions

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VoodooDreams casino logo

C$100 first deposit bonus
✓ 200 deposit spins
✓ Extra promotions

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VoodooDreams Review

Online casino in Canada 2020

Online casino in Canada doesn’t seem to stop growing in 2020. Therefore, we will see more and more casino sites opening up this year. The Canadian gambling market is a bit in a “gray zone” when it comes to the gambling license. But fear not, all gambling companies that want to operate in Canada need to have a legit license, for example, the MGA license in Malta. In other words, companies need to follow the rules, regulations, and guidelines.

online casino Canada

Here are a few highlights for 2020:

  • More quality and improvements for the existing gambling companies in Canada.
  • All players can enjoy casino bonuses and other campaigns with better terms and conditions.
  • Better technology on the websites for mobile devices, desktop, and tablets.
  • New casino games, both for Live Casino and slot machines.
  • New casinos will open up here and there during 2020.

Furthermore, when it comes to gambling problems, Canada and other markets take that very seriously. Gambling problems are a burning issue in 2020, so it’s a hot topic and discussed frequently. Therefore, sites like will be visible for customers on some online casinos. That way, players can always be one click away from getting help or stop playing.

In Canada, there have always been great welcome offers and generous campaigns, and this will continue throughout the year. So, if you like to play online casino, 2020 will be a great year when it comes to, well, everything.

Online casino information

Online casino is a product that includes not only slots but also live casino, table games and other casino games. When we look at a casino or gaming site, we can see that things have developed at a tremendous pace in recent years, especially during the years 2017-2020. For instance, it’s not only about offering casino games anymore, but rather delivering a whole experience and a lot of loyalty. We immediately see the difference between modern online casinos and “back in the days” casinos. For example, now there are loyalty programs, VIP programs, stores where you can get money, gifts, free spins and bonuses, quality websites, mobile apps, the list goes on. All that opens up for competition between the companies, and they have to fight for us players. In other words, this means more value to the players in campaigns and bonuses.

In early days casinos online were more basic with a few slot games, blackjack, and roulette. Nowadays, it’s a bit more complicated than that, as mentioned above. Furthermore, if we look at the future, it looks bright for us players as we get more and better promotions, more agreeable conditions, more rewards, better and more games, faster sites, more mobile games, better CRM campaigns, and much more. Finally, playing casino online in these modern times is great because of all the improvements that are always happening.

Online Casino

How to play casino online?

To play casino online in Canada, you first and foremost need to be 18+ years old. The reason for this is simple; you will be gambling with real money. Furthermore, you need to have a gaming account, which is very simple and can go fast and easy. After that, you have to verify your account, and there are a few ways of doing this. First, you have the e-mail or SMS verification. Then you also have the process called KYC (Know Your Customer). This process works like any other verifications process – you have to show proof of address and valid identification. The KYC verification is not a must from the beginning, so you can start playing before this.

Once inside your players account you can:

  • Make deposits and withdrawals.
  • Play about 100 different games like slots, Live Casino-games, roulette and blackjack.
  • Find out and start using all promotions and offers.
  • You can play directly on your computer, mobile phone, and various tablets.

So, when you have money in your account, just visit the casino game that interests you, and start playing some online casino. It’s as simple as that.

In summary, this is all you need to do. Then you can always try one or more gambling sites that look interesting.

Some casino tips

When it comes to casino online, there are always things to think about that can help you get more value as a player. Below you will hopefully find some tips and tricks that can be useful when you are playing casino online in Canada.

  • Choose safe and serious gaming sites and avoid the smaller websites that are less well known.
  • Only play on sites with an approved gaming license.
  • Look for sites that have loyalty programs, VIP programs, or points store for extra value when playing.
  • Be sure to check out the terms & conditions for all offers, bonuses, and free spins you activate.
  • Never gamble for more money than you can afford to lose as casino gambling can be addictive.
  • Change games now and then to look for the “hot” slot machines.
  • Use bonuses and welcome offers; it can be beneficial.

There is a lot to be said about online casino in Canada, but the easiest way is to find one or more sites that suit your needs and stick to them. But it’s nothing wrong with chasing bonuses and try other websites as well to get welcome offers.

Online casino with bonus

Playing online casino with bonus is very popular amongst players. That’s why the gaming sites are investing big money on promotions and offers that include casino bonuses. But there are not only positive things with bonuses, but there are also disadvantages.

The benefit: You get more money to play with and can bet higher to try to win more significant sums.

The downside: Bonuses usually come with a wagering requirement, and it can be challenging to manage the wagering terms.

Furthermore, bonuses are very popular, and many who play casino online want to play with bonuses. The reason for this is because you get more money to play for, and that way, you have more opportunities to win. It’s not only in slot machines you can play with a bonus, but also table games and in the live casino. So, the gaming sites usually separate bonuses for table games and slot machines, and the wagering requirements are different. Therefore, something that is important is to read the rules and terms for the casino bonuses you activate.

To summarize, it is possible to activate and use casino bonuses in all different devices. This way you can play with bonus money on your mobile, tablet and computer. Also, most sites will give out different bonuses in various stages. Therefore, check out all the casino bonuses here on the site and take advantage of as many as you want.

Casino online with free spins

One of the most popular promotions you can take part in when it comes to online casino is free spins. Along with casino bonuses, they account for almost all promotions and welcome offers out there. You can get lots of free spins from nearly all online casinos, especially those focusing in Canada. Knowing that the interest in free spins is enormous, the gaming companies are investing much in this type of promotion. As a result, you can find freespins in everything from their welcome offers to follow-up campaigns and in various loyalty programs. In other words, there are a lot of free spins to play on many different sites.

You can find more information about free spins on the home page, where you can also find free spins without deposit.

Benefits with online casino

Here we will look into some advantages with the product online casino in Canada. First of all, it’s very straightforward to access, and given today’s technology; you can play in all different devices. Therefore, with an internet connection and a modern mobile phone, you can play almost everywhere out there.

Below we summarize various benefits with online casino in Canada:

  • You can access thousands of slots, table games, and other games in just minutes on mobile, tablet & computer.
  • It’s usually a better payout percentage on online slot machines compared to land-based slot machines.
  • There is an ocean of ​​offers, promotions, loyalty programs that give all players more value as they play.
  • You can also play live casino games such as roulette and blackjack where everything is happening in real-time, with real dealers, at real tables to get an authentic casino experience.
  • You can have multiple accounts and take advantage of the different benefits of having multiple memberships at the same time.
  • Big jackpots to be won as thousands of players around the world can play the same slot machine.

The above pointers are some of the significant benefits of playing casino online. In summary, there are many advantages to regular land-based casinos.

Disadvantages with online casino

When it comes to disadvantages or less favourable things about online casino, one should first be aware that everything that happens online is very different from land-based casinos. For example, the question about security and the handling of personal data online is always a hot topic. As a result, gambling companies are working hard with this and are doing a good job.

Below are some less-good points with online casino:

  • The social part disappears when you play online. In other words, you get a better experience when you play at land-based casinos.
  • Sometimes the sites charge different fees for deposits and withdrawals.
  • It takes a few bank days to receive withdrawals paid to a bank account or credit card. Sometimes it can go faster depending on whether you have verified your account and depending on the withdrawal method.
  • There are several not so serious companies out there. Don’t play on sites that look shady.
  • Its easier to play for more money than you thought since cash online doesn’t feel like real money or chips in your hand.

You may have your ideas of some less-good things with online casinos, but the above are our thoughts on what is less favourable. Many people prefer land-based casinos, and many prefer casino online. So, it all depends on what you think is important for you, because online casino is all about having fun and winning money.

Online casino in mobile & tablet

online casino in mobileHere we check out online casino in mobiles and tablets, what it means, and how it works. Its because the number of players using mobile devices is growing every year. The reason for the growth is first and foremost because of more powerful mobiles and tablets. As a result, everything evolves, and so do the casino games and gaming sites.

The gaming companies are well aware of the development. Therefore they develop and optimize their mobile casinos so that you can play, make payments, play lots of games, and everything else on the mobile version. In the same way, game developers do the same, adapting their games to mobile devices. As a result, we can now play hundreds of games and do everything from withdrawals to contact support on our mobile devices.

If we look ahead, there will always launch new games, and more games will be in touch version, sites launch downloadable apps. We will also see faster and better-looking mobile pages as well as offers that work in mobile & tablet. In summary, the future looks very good when it comes to mobile casino online.

Canadian online casinos

As a player in Canada, you want to play online casinos that are valid in Canada. These casinos are something the online gaming world calls Canada casinos. Firstly, this means it’s a safe site with the highest security. And secondly, the quality of the technology and what the site has to offer to its players. In conclusion, you want to play on sites that have the right license, excellent offers, loyalty, and that offer 100% safety and security. Far from all gaming sites offer, it is therefore vital to choose the right online casino or gaming site when you are playing.

Let’s take an example: if you win big at a smaller casino, several problems can come up. First of all, the payments can take a long time, and you may need to tax on the profits. Secondly, the gaming company may not be able to afford to pay it all at once. Last but not least, you never know if the site survives, many online casinos go bankrupt or encounter problems. Therefore, make sure to play at more significant & recognizable gambling sites.

Here on, we will only list safe and secure sites with valid licenses.

New casinos online

Several times a year, new online casinos are launched from various gaming companies that offer online casino in Canada. That’s because casino is a very lucrative product that can generate a lot of money for the company in the long run. As a result, new companies start up and launch new sites, but even older companies start new online casinos. So, for those of you who like to play casino online, this is very good considering that you as a player can get more bonuses and campaigns.

Many of the new sites also open up unique loyalty programs that reward you as you play. However, this might change sometime in the future, depending on when Canada regulates its market. But until then, players in Canada can enjoy new online casino-sites with great loyalty programs.

So, what can you expect from new casino sites that offer online casino?

  1. Most sites give you a new welcome offer and lots of extra promotions to attract you as a player.
  2. Some new features, loyalty programs that will provide generous rewards.
  3. When everything is new, players get a more exciting experience.

Play responsibly

Online casino is a product that is proven to be addictive and can create problems for some players. And this is something that takes seriously. Therefore, you will find some guidelines below that are useful to follow or think about when playing casino online.
18+ logo responsible gambling

  • Make sure you never play for more money than you can afford to lose, for there is no guarantee that you will win. One tip is to set different limits in your account.
  • Do you feel that you gamble too much? There’s support to get, and one example is the site: where you can do various tests and get help.
  • Don’t chase losses if things go south, that’s usually when the most significant losses happen. Instead, take a break and try to play another time again instead.
  • Another tip is to team up and play with friends as a social thing and not hide gambling. You are usually your worst enemy in bad times, and you can make bad decisions on your own.
  • Never borrow money to play online casino or any other online gambling.
  • Don’t think you can win big wins that can change your life through regular gambling. If you are chasing huge wins, you only should play jackpot games, but even there, the chances of winning big are slim. So, keep that in mind when you play.

To summarize, to all players out there, make sure to play responsibly and don’t put yourself in an unpleasant situation.


We believe more and more players are playing casino games overall. Therefore more players will be trying out different casino sites. With that said, this will be a product that is here to stay and grow. Here on this page, you have been able to read about online casino, plus that we show you offers and campaigns for both new casinos in Canada and older gambling sites. We recommend that you check out the top list above, where you will find several sites with great welcome offers.

We wish you good luck and make sure to have fun with the gambling out there.

Published: 20/09/2019

Updated: 09/07/2020


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