Terms and Conditions

1. Responsibility

24hfreespins.com is a standalone site that reflects offers and information from different gaming companies. 24hfreespins.com therefore disclaim all liability between players and gaming companies.

  • We reserve for possible errors or incorrect offers on the site.
  • 24hfreespins.com can not be held responsible for potential gambling problems that may arise with players that have used any of our offers.
  • 24hfreespins.com can not be considered as involved in any disputes or conflicts that may arise between the player and the gaming companies as the responsibility lies entirely with the gambling site and the player. It is the gambling page’s terms and conditions that apply to all players.
  • We can not be held liable for any potential losses caused by using any of our offers listed on the site.
  • There is no way to claim any compensation from 24hfreespins.com or the persons responsible for the site.

Each gaming page has its own general terms and conditions and we recommend you to read through these before opening any gaming accounts.

2. Personal Data

24hfreespins.com is a site that only shows online gaming offers, informs about online casino products and review various online gaming sites. 24hfreespins.com therefore does not store any personal information or data from visitors on the website and is completely independent from all the gaming sites we display on our site. Because we do not store any personal data we do not send or share any data to third parties.

3. Cookies

24hfreespins.com uses cookies to analyze and get statistics about how visitors are using our site. We use Goole Analytics to get information about where the traffic comes from e.g. social media, direct search in browser, google search etc. We then use that data to optimize our website to make it as good as possible for our visitors. These are non-personal data that can not identify you as a person or show any other personal information.

Cookies information

There are several different cookies used online. Some are stored in your browser as a text file with information that helps the website make your experience better, while other cookies are only used during the actual visit to the website and are deleted immediately when you close the browser. You can delete your cookies at any time directly in the browser, and you can also choose to block cookies completely. If you block cookies, websites you visit might not work optimally. You can easily change cookies settings directly in your browser.

How we use cookies

At 24hfreespins.com, we use cookies to optimize our website for our visitors. We collect data that allows us to identify where the visitor comes from, eg. Google or social media, how long the visitor stays, what pages are visited, and what device (computer, mobile, tablet) used.

This information can be used later to optimize the experience for our visitors. Therefore, we do not collect or store any personal information, nor do we share cookies with any third party. When you are using 24hfreespins.com you agree to this cookies policy.

4. Responsible Gambling

24hfreespins.com supports responsible gambling and do not recommend anyone who has a gambling problem to play online casino or other gambling products online. If you have a problem with gambling we recommend that you visit pages like BeGambleAware where you can seek immediate help, learn more about gambling problems or talk to someone directly. We recommend that you set your own limits on how much you can play for on the different gambling sites you use. Remember that playing with real money online are only available for those who are 18+.

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