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Mobile Casino offers simplicity and freedom for casino gambling online. Play slot machines and bet on live tables directly on your mobile devices.

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1000 Mobile Free Spins

C$1,000 Casino Bonuses

Min. deposit: C$25. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

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C$500 Casino Bonus

Or 2 Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds in Jammin’ Jars. Min. deposit: C$20. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

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C$500 Mobile Casino Bonus

20 no deposit Free Spins

Min. deposit: C$20. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

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200 Mobile Free Spins

C$1,000 in Casino Bonuses

Min. deposit: C$10. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware
Justspin logo

Mobile Bonuses: C$500

+ 600 Free Spins

Min. deposit: C$10. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

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500 Spins on Book of Dead

C$200 Bonus + 20% Cashback

Min. deposit: C$20. Weekly Cashback. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

Dunder Casino logo

200 Free Spins on Mobile

C$600 in Casino Bonuses

20 Spins after registration. Min. deposit: C$10. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

Videoslots logo

C$200 Welcome Bonus

+ 11 Free Spins

Min. deposit: C$10. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware
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Mobile Offer: 200 Freespins

+ C$1,200 Casino Bonus

Min. deposit: C$20. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

Twin Casino logo

Welcome Bonuses: C$400

+ 400 Spins

Min. deposit: C$10. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

How does mobile casino work?

Here we will go through how mobile casino works. First of all, you must have somewhere to play; in other words, an account with any gambling site that offers a casino. Thus, it’s the gaming sites that provide casino games for mobile and tablet. Then you have the game providers, and they are the ones who develop the games for the websites.

Mobile Casino via tablets and smartphones is the modern way to play online casino.

In conclusion, both game providers and gambling sites need to work together to make mobile casinos work.

A quick guide on how to get started:

  1. Open the browser on your mobile device. Enter the address of the website you want to play on, and you will get directed to the mobile version of that site. It’s also possible to download an app from some casinos.
  2. Create an account or log in to an already registered account.
  3. Deposit funds if you don’t have any in your account. Then start playing your favourite games directly on your mobile. It’s as simple as that.

The above information is briefly how mobile casino works. If you are interested in trying, open up your mobile device and go from there.

Mobile casino becoming more popular

Mobile Casino will, in all probability, continue to get better and more popular every year. For starters, more games that work on mobile devices are getting launched all the time.

Additionally, most casino sites and companies are investing big money into mobile technology. In summary, it will only get better for everyone playing mobile casino in Canada. A lot of things will happen in the future when it comes to mobile. For example, everything will run much smoother and faster, and more offers are available plus more casino games. So if you are a mobile player, the future will be fantastic in every way.

Mobile Casino Canada

Free spins on mobile casinos

We have already gone through that casino on the mobile is becoming more popular. The same goes for freespins in mobile casinos. Free spins are perhaps the most popular offer if you compare it against, for example, casino bonuses. A few years ago, there was not much selection for these spins on the mobile. It was only NetEnt that offered free spins via the mobile casino of gaming sites. But, as mobile phones’ usage increased, so did the game providers and companies’ focus.

Note: we have gotten many new game providers and sites in the latest years.

In conclusion, almost all game providers offer free spins-function on many of their games now via mobile. You can get free rounds in welcome offers, on-site promotions, special offers, and loyalty programs. In other words, there are many different ways to get hold of these casino spins. Best of all, these welcome offers and promotions work on mobile devices.

Casino bonuses on mobile devices

If you like playing with casino bonuses, then this is the piece for you. First and foremost, we players are offered bonuses from all kinds of places nowadays. They get offered in everything from welcome offers, loyalty programs to promos on the sites or direct marketing. All these offers work on your mobile device, which means you will be able to play mobile casino with casino bonuses at every gaming site.

An example of how a bonus can work: You get a deposit bonus of 100% up to C$50 and deposit C$50. You then receive C$50 in bonus and now have a total of C$100 to play with. This bonus can be used in mobile casinos but also the desktop version. So, you now have a casino bonus that you can play and wager on your mobile. In other words, there is no difference between casino bonuses on mobile and computers nowadays. To summarize, if you prefer to play mobile casino, you can choose to activate your mobile device’s casino bonuses.

Find the best mobile casino

When playing online casino on mobile, it is advantageous to find the best sites. Given that there are hundreds of casino sites to choose from, it can be challenging to know which is the best mobile casino site. Players like different things and expect different things from gaming sites. Therefore, you have to ask yourself, what is most important to you? Maybe it’s the range of games, customer service or why not the possibility of different offers.

Here are some tips we think are important:

  • Choose a site with a welcome bonus. This way, you have a better chance of winning money from the beginning.
  • Make sure that the site has a valid gaming license, MGA, or some other secure license.
  • Check that all features are available via mobile and that the amount of games is good.
  • Ensure the site has a loyalty program where you can get free spins, bonuses, and other things.

In summary, it may be worthwhile to review the site for a few minutes before choosing to test it.

Mobile casinos in Canada

The Canadian gambling market is one of the best available. Players have access to some of the very best free spins and casino bonuses out. This is due to gambling companies’ steady investments in Canadian products; hence we have Canadian online casinos. And thanks to this, you also get a great mobile casino product. Canadian mobile casinos will offer CAD as currency, quick payments, a significant number of games, offers, and English/French customer service. Everything adapted to meet the needs in Canada, which is lovely.

In comparison, foreign casinos are usually a few steps behind. In other words, if you’re looking to get the best value, then go with Canadian casinos. We list some of the best mobile casinos available here on this page. This way, it’s a bit easier for you as a player to find them. Make sure to check in now and then as we update the offers and information here every month.

The game selection

The game selection in mobile casino devices has increased significantly in recent years. Additionally, game providers have started using HTML5 format so players can play more games in touch versions. The HTML5-format allows games to be played on all devices without developing a separate mobile version. For example, with Flashplayer, providers had to make one computer version and one mobile version. Thus, not all casino games are available via mobile yet, as the older games never got developed into all devices. However, this has changed, and there is a full focus on offering all games via mobile casino.

Furthermore, as we continuously get new game suppliers, the range of games is increasing in general. These are exciting as we can play slots, table games, live casinos, and more on our mobile devices.

Slots in mobile

As mobile usage has increased, so has the number of slot machines on mobile as well. In the past, there were only a few suppliers providing slots for mobile casinos. With more providers and the HTML5 format, it becomes easier to create slots for mobile devices. That leads to more games and better quality! In summary, you will find hundreds of slot machines to play on mobile devices.

Play live casino on mobile devices

Live Casino is another kind of game that is gaining in popularity as technology has improved. The development has come a long way and is starting to resemble a real gaming experience like you get in land-based casinos. Everything is happening in real-time, and the player can communicate with croupiers and other players directly at the tables. In other words, you can get the real casino experience on your mobile instead of having to go to a land-based casino.

The game providers NetEnt and Evolution Gaming are the ones leading and developing the live casino product forward. All of their live casino games work on mobile and tablet. It includes roulette, blackjack, baccarat, ‘money wheel,’ and various casino poker forms. That way, there are many different live casino games to enjoy, and all this is on your mobile devices.

New mobile casinos

One trend that has grown a lot in Canada over the years and seems to continue to grow is new online casinos. A big reason for this is that there are several different so-called ‘white label’ solutions. It means that a company can open its new gaming site via a platform, which in turn provides all the services that a mobile casino, for example, may need. In other words, you get everything from casino games, customer service, and payment solutions directly.

With this comprehensive solution, it is effortless for new sites to get launched, which means more mobile casinos. There are many positive things with new casinos in mobile. The most beneficial for the player is that you can take advantage of new welcome offers from new sites. Lastly, new mobile casinos will come to market every year, so keep your eyes open for new sites and offers.

Customer service and other functions

When Mobile Casino first launched in Canada, a lot of features were missing. For example, it wasn’t easy to contact customer service or activate offers. However, after a few years, this changed, so there are almost all the features you can imagine in the mobile versions. You can do everything that has to do with online casino via mobile or tablet.

Below we list some features that function in the mobile versions:

  • Contact customer service via e-mail, live chat, or phone.
  • Take advantage of loyalty programs, and exchange earned points for free spins & bonuses.
  • Take advantage of all the welcome offers plus extra promotions on the sites.
  • Get exclusive offers available only in the mobile version.
  • Make fast deposits & withdrawals.
  • Set different game limits.
  • Play all different casino games, even those with jackpots.

Of course, there are also many other features available. For example, you can download an app from specific sites where you get offered to login via fingerprint or facial recognition. To summarize, the technology for mobile casinos has developed rapidly and will continue to do so in the future.

The future of online casino in mobile

We look ahead and check how the future might look like for casino in mobile. First and foremost, it seems like mobile casino will continue to evolve and grow steadily. For example, we see that new features get added as the technology evolves. The idea is to make everything easier for the mobile user. Secondly, there will be more games available for each year that passes. On top of this, more and more people start playing via mobile or tablet, so it’s a growing market.

In summary, we can look forward to the following:

  • More mobile games
  • New gaming sites & casinos
  • More game providers
  • More offers & promotions
  • New features
  • Faster and safer sites
  • More downloadable apps
  • Faster payments

Lastly, there will probably come things that we can’t expect, as new inventions and products will launch for mobile casinos. But overall, it looks very bright in the future for online casino on mobile.


We want to summarize this page by saying that mobile casino has become more and more popular. As more people start using their mobile instead of computers, gaming companies have adapted and developed their sites so players can now access all the functions wherever they are. We can also see that the range of games has increased, and more offers are available in the mobile version of various casinos.

Last but not least, if you are interested in testing some of the best mobile casinos available, you are welcome to check out our top list above.

Questions and answers about mobile casino

There are some common questions and answers regarding mobile casino in Canada. Below we show some of these.

Are there bonuses for mobile casinos?

Yes, the bonuses offered by gaming sites work just as well on mobile devices as they do on the computer.

Where can I play mobile casino?

It’s possible to play mobile casino on all gaming sites in Canada if they offer “casino” as a product. All gaming companies invest in delivering an excellent mobile casino product to its players.

Can I play mobile casino in apps?

Some gaming companies are developing their mobile casino apps to work on Android and iOS (Apple) devices. Search the “app store” for the specific casino site to see if it’s available.

Is casino on mobile safe?

It’s just as safe (if not safer) with casino on mobile devices as on a computer. So you don’t have to worry about payments, data or that the games are affected by any attack.

Why is the game selection smaller in the mobile?

Not all casino games are available on mobile devices yet. Furthermore, it ultimately depends on which mobile casino you play at, as some offer less or more games for mobile than others.

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