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Vips Casino logo

500 Spins on Book of Dead

C$200 Bonus + 20% Cashback

Min. deposit: C$20. Weekly Cashback. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

CasinoDays logo

100 Book of Dead Spins

C$1,000 Welcome Bonus

Min. deposit: C$20. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

Justspin logo

Welcome Bonuses: C$500

+ 600 Free Spins

Min. deposit: C$10. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

LuckyVegas logo

Welcome Bonus: C$100

+ 25 Free Spins

Min. deposit: C$10. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware
Twin Casino logo

Welcome Pack: C$400

+ 400 Free spins

Min. deposit: C$10. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware
Boomcasino logo

C$500 Welcome Bonus

Or 2 Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds in Jammin’ Jars. Min. deposit: C$20. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

Ultra Casino logo

Bonuses & Rewards

Every day, week or month

Min. deposit: C$10. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware
Kassu logo

300 Free Spins

C$1,500 in Casino Bonuses

Min. deposit: C$10. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware logo

1000 Deposit Free Spins

C$1,000 Casino Bonuses

Min. deposit: C$25. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

Tsars logo

200 Deposit Free Spins

C$2,000 Welcome Pack

Min. deposit: C$20. New Players. 18+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | Play Responsibly | BeGambleAware

New casinos 2020

During 2020 things are moving as usual within the online gambling industry. The same goes for new casinos. First of all, new sites will get launched in Canada from various companies.

New Casinos Canada

It seems like this trend won’t go anywhere, which is good as players appreciate new online casinos. Another thing to highlight is that more and more new sites are coming up with unique themes and loyalty programs. We see this as an excellent thing.

Here are some points on what you can expect from new casinos in 2020:

  • More welcome offers and campaigns.
  • Better technology for the new sites, both in the mobile and desktop versions.
  • Wide range of casino games.
  • Many different payment providers.
  • A dedicated CRM-team that’s focusing on ongoing promotions to keep their players happy.

To sum up, 2020 will be an excellent year for new casinos and the players. So, keep an eye out here on this page for the latest bonuses and offers out there.

Benefits of new casinos

The best benefits of new casinos are that everything is new and that the sites invest a lot of money in everything from campaigns to technology. In other words, if websites are spending money, it often benefits us players. Below you will find some advantages that we like with new casinos and gaming sites.

New Casinos can provide new opportunities through welcome bonuses as well as new technologies and gambling solutions!

  • New welcome offers—for example, various free spin-offers and casino bonuses.
  • We get new and upgraded loyalty programs that can be generous.
  • A new feeling, sometimes it can be useful with modern design and appearance.
  • New weekly or special promotions on the site, often quite generous due to competition against other sites.

In summary, of course, everyone likes and values different things, and some players stick to the old sites out of comfort. But one tip is to try some new casinos and their welcome offers anyway; it might be worth it.

Find the best new casino

When players are looking for a new gaming site, it is often about wanting to find new casinos that deliver quality and value on all levels. So how do you find the best new casino? Well, to start with, we should look at what makes a gambling site great.

  • Various offers and ongoing campaigns on the site.
  • That the site has a wide range of games in all units.
  • Valid gaming license.
  • A generous loyalty program.
  • A CRM team that continually works with competitions and promotions.
  • Fast and secure payments.
  • A VIP-team for larger and active players.
  • Excellent terms on wagering requirements and their promotions.

The above is something we at think is essential with a gaming site online, and many will probably agree. So to find the best new online casino, it’s necessary to examine the gambling sites a bit closer to see what they have to offer. To summarize, make sure to look for value out there so you can find the best casino sites.

Offers at new casinos

New casinos that start-up in Canada understand that they must deliver quality when it comes to offers and promotions. That’s because they know that the competition is very tough out there. Therefore, it’s crucial to deliver generous offers. As a result, most new casinos will bring you valuable and generous promotions. However, some sites may offer huge bonuses, but they often come with demanding wagering requirements. So a tip is always to check the terms and conditions of all offers and campaigns.

Furthermore, when it comes to new campaigns on the site, some new casinos tend to be quite inventive. In other words, on the campaign pages, you can find good value as a player as there will be bonuses, free spins, competitions, races, etc. To summarize, there are often great and generous offers & promotions on new gaming sites.

New casinos with casino bonuses

New casinos provide different kinds of new casino bonuses. This way, both new and experienced players can enjoy new casino bonuses in welcome packages and other campaigns. It is especially useful for those who have already taken advantage of the most welcome bonuses out there. Furthermore, new casino sites will come to the market all the time, which will offer new bonuses, and this won’t stop. As a result, it becomes exciting for many players who continuously look for new online casinos to play on with bonuses.

One tip is to keep track of wagering requirements and other terms and conditions for bonuses at new gaming sites. Take a few minutes to read through what applies to any new casino bonuses you activate. Otherwise, it’s just to take advantage of all the latest offers on mobile, tablet, and computer. Finally, if you want to play with bonuses at new casinos, you can check our top list, which shows excellent bonus offers to new gambling sites.

New casinos deliver free spins

One thing you might notice when it comes to new casinos is that they focus a great deal on free spins offers in their welcome packages and extra promotions. This is, of course, great as most players in Canada appreciate free spins. So, for every new casino that’s launched, players can look forward to new free spins offers. At the same time, other gaming sites are also investing in keeping their players happy. In other words, new and old sites are investing in campaigns that can give you free spins.

As you might have already figured out, there is a universe full of free rounds to play out there. However, this can change from year to year. Therefore, make sure to take part in all the great campaigns possible as you never know when it will decrease.

Play on new casinos on mobile & tablet

New casinos work very well on mobile & tablet, which is a must in the current situation. The reason is simple: more and more players are choosing to play casino in the mobile version. Therefore, gaming companies must adapt to what the players like and also think about the future. New gaming sites and casinos are well aware of this, and therefore usually deliver a great mobile site.

However, the above does not apply to all new sites. Several sites are a little too eager to get started, which can lead to less quality. Therefore, all new gaming sites are far from perfect when it comes to mobile, but we’re on the right track. To sum up, now and onward will be good for us who choose to play in the mobile version.

New is good for competition

New gaming sites that offer casino online are suitable for the competition and only bring benefits to players. First, if the competition is great between the gaming sites, they will find new attractive promotions, loyalty programs, and offers to win players’ hearts. Secondly, with a steady flow of new online casinos, there are no companies that can relax. Instead, they must continuously work hard to get better at all levels. Finally, this results in better offers, new loyalty programs, and lots of extra promotions.

Furthermore, not all new sites deliver on all of the above. For example, many websites start too fast, without really thinking about the big picture. For instance, nowadays, players expect there to be loyalty programs, offers without unreasonable terms, and a great team behind the site. Or else it will be hard to survive due to competition. Unfortunately, not all gaming companies think about this. Instead, some launch their websites as quickly as possible and hope for the best. Not the best tactic in the world if you ask us. thinks a bit differently – with us, you will only find great sites that deliver the best overall value.

The game selection at new casinos

More players than ever focus on the number of games offered by both new and old casinos. It’s all due to that players have their favourite games and game developers. Therefore, it’s beneficial to check how good the selection of games is at new casinos. But, it can be challenging to know what range of games that’s available on new sites. For instance, some new casino sites may be “rushing” to get started, and thus do not have a wide range of games. Then some sites are launched on a gaming platform. With that, they can only offer what’s available on the platform. As a result, it’s always smart to check out the game selection before creating the account.

One tip is to use the search feature if you want to check out the range of games. It can be found on the site and will find games in just a few seconds. So before opening a new account at new casinos, it may be useful to check which games they offer.

New vs old casinos

Who is best between new casinos and well-established gaming sites offering online casinos? First of all, we have to understand that all players do not like the same things. Some may think the most important thing is a loyalty program or a wide selection of casino games, while others choose a site based on design or colour. It all depends on you, what do you think is most important if you are going to play casino? Once you know this, it’s easier for you to choose a site, new or old.

If we break it down and go straight to the point, almost all gaming sites have the same range of games. In other words, the game developers delivering their games to almost all gambling networks and websites out there. So, the range of games will probably not be something that makes you choose between new casinos or old casinos. Most noteworthy is that the advantage of a well-established online casino is that they can feel safer compared to a new casino. That’s not always the case, though. So, a tip is to always read a little about the sites you’re playing on.

We think like this: If you are an active player, you should choose a stable site with a generous loyalty program. If you are a smaller player who only plays for fun from time to time, you can select new casinos. This way, you can benefit more from welcome offers in the short term.

Disadvantages of new casinos

There might be some less-great things with new casinos and online gaming sites. For instance, some companies don’t have a clear plan on how to run their website, and it’s difficult in the competition. Below we list some points that can be good to think about regarding new casinos.

  • There may be smaller, less-experienced companies behind the site, hoping to score some big bucks in a lucrative market without the right investment and experience. As a result, some casino sites might not be able to compete and could go bankrupt.
  • The importance of having money behind as a company; Sometimes, big winners on smaller new sites do not get all of their money paid out. And it’s due to money problems.
  • Usually, new gambling sites do not have all the puzzle pieces in place from the beginning. For example, you might not receive the same amount of campaigns in SMS, e-mail, and on the page, as many brand-new sites do not have a CRM-team working on new campaigns and follow-up offers.
  • The customer support may not be available 24/7.

There you have some points that can be good to consider when it comes to new casinos and gaming sites. It might be worthwhile to give them all a try and see which one is the best.

Play responsibly

Here at, we cherish responsible gaming when it comes to online casino in Canada. Therefore, we want to ensure that you keep track of your gambling so that it does not cause any problems. When it comes to new online casinos, they may not have all the tools required for responsible gaming. It all depends on what gambling license they have and what rules they need to follow. For example, new casinos should help you with the following:

  • You should be able to set limits on how much you can deposit/play for each day, week, or month.
  • It should be effortless to freeze your account or close your account.
  • Guide about responsible gaming and a link to sites on the web that help with gambling problems.
  • A trained customer service and staff who can help and find patterns that can indicate a gambling addiction.

The above is not the case for all new online casinos, though, so make sure to play responsibly and set your budget each month. This way, you know what you can play for and maximum what you can lose. Finally, if you or anyone else would have problems, many places can help.


On this page, we have gone through some advantages and disadvantages of new casinos in Canada. Say what you like about new online casinos, but at least they are fun, and it’s nice to see what they have to offer. And speaking of offers, you will find several welcome packs for newer gaming sites in our top list.

Lastly, we wish you good luck with the casino games, whether you’re playing on an old or new gaming site.

New Casinos Questions & Answers

Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers regarding new casinos and gambling sites in Canada.

Are new casinos better?

We want to say that new casinos do not have as many advantages over older established sites. Most often, both new and old sites offer a similar range of games, welcome bonuses, etc. The most significant advantage with new casinos is that players usually get a new welcome offer.

Are new casinos in Canada safe & secure?

Yes, the new casino sites launched in Canada must meet the gaming license requirements they have. In other words, it’s a proof of security & safety. If the site would shut down, the money is usually protected and can be withdrawn.

Do I get bonuses at new casinos?

Yes, but not always. New casinos in Canada can offer various bonuses in welcome packages, promotions and other ways. But some sites choose to avoid bonus campaigns. So before you play, check what the site offers.

How many new casinos are launched each year in Canada?

There is no exact number of how many new casinos are launched in Canada each year. It varies a lot, but there is always more than one. We have seen an increase in recent years as more iGaming companies choose to invest in the Canadian casino market.

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