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What are slots?

Slots are gaming machines launched by various game providers, who work hard every year to develop and launch them.

Online slots are the number one choice amongst most players in Canada!

The game manufacturers offer their games to different iGaming companies, sites and platforms that provide online casinos. Many have most definitely already seen or played various slots, either online or at land-based casinos.

The number of slots online: thousands unique, and more gets produced every month.

All slots work in various ways and have different numbers of lines, symbols, bonus features, winnings and more. They also have varying payout percentages (RTP). But the good thing about slots online compared to land-based slots is that they almost always have higher RTP.

Slots online

There is a lot to say about these slot machines, how different they are, how they work, etc. So the best thing is to experience them for yourself to see what you think.

Different slot themes

Since many slots get launched each year, the game providers need to mix them with different themes. It’s just more fun that way. To name a few popular topics, we find everything from fruit themes to rock and movie themes. The different game providers focus and niche themselves in certain areas. Like that, not all providers launch the same ideas. Thanks to that, we can play lots of various games on different themes. Also, we get to experience brand new topics now and then as well.

With all certainty, there is something for all players as there are, for example, themes such as:

  • Fruit theme
  • Story theme
  • Music theme
  • Movie theme
  • Adventure themes
  • Animal theme
  • Fantasy theme
  • War theme

Then there are also more slot themes out there, but the above slots-themes are the most popular. You do not understand the theme in some games because it can be invented entirely from the ground up and has its fictional characters and symbols.

Examples of slots from movies or series are Planet of The Apes, Frankenstein, Game of Thrones, Ted, Aliens, King Kong, Jurassic Park, Terminator and The Godfather, to name a few. Some examples of Music themes are Guns N Roses, Motörhead and Jimi Hendrix.

Slot machine providers

At present, various game providers manufacture different slots and other games for casinos. Below we list some of the largest and most popular game manufacturers who are continually launching new games.

The list can be much longer as there are many more game makers out there, but the above are most common at almost all Canadian Casinos and other online gaming sites.

Game providers slots

Furthermore, it also happens that new manufacturers are entering the market, which means even more games to play. Considering how popular casino games are, we can expect more games and providers in the future.

Slots with Jackpots

Many slots have several jackpots attached to them. The pots themselves can look very different, and there are many ways to win them. So let’s start by looking at what different jackpots there are to hunt out there.

Progressive Jackpots:

Works so that a tiny percentage of the player bet goes to the progressive pool. Usually, the money gets divided into several levels, a mega, medium and a mini. It was a progressive jackpot that set the record for the highest win online in 2013 in Mega Fortune. At that time, a player from Finland won over 17 million euros. In other words, the biggest winnings get paid out from slots with progressive jackpots. Examples of games with massive progressive-jackpots are Mega Fortune Dreams, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Mega Moolah, Divine Fortune and Arabian Nights.

Predetermined Jackpots:

Some slot machines have predetermined jackpots that can be won in different ways. There are several levels with jackpots, which means that there is a chance for both small and large players to win a more significant sum of money. You find these jackpots in various bonus games or free spins features. In addition to these, there are also more ways to win a jackpot. Sometimes, game providers or casino sites launch special promotions that contain jackpots. So keep your eyes open for these as well.

Classic Slot Machines

Many classic slots have disappeared from the spotlight recently. The classic games mostly involve video poker and older slots that are not so advanced. Games like Joker’s Wild, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are traditional slot machines and will always be available, but lately, they got replaced by modern games with lots of features and great graphics. The “modern” games deliver a better gaming experience compared to these classic machines. But, there are still many players who try some spins or prefer these classic games.

Therefore, it’s perfect that both choices are available in almost all established iGaming sites and in new casinos that get launched.

Bonus & free spins features

Many players strive for when playing slots online to reach the bonus or free spins feature. These features are available in most of the games and allow winning big money.

Here’s is how it works:

  • Once you hit X number of bonus symbols, the feature is activated, and you enter a unique game. Once there, you have the chance to win big without having to invest anything extra. Sometimes you have to choose different boxes, cards, chests or the like to see what you win.
  • There is also a free spins feature that gives you X number of spins without paying for them. These spins can also provide multiplier symbols that allow the winnings to be much more massive than regular spins. In other words, it’s in this feature that the games pay the most RTP back to the players.

To summarize, the bonus and free spins features are the most interesting and exciting in slots. It’s where big money is and that many features are enjoyable and entertaining. Read more about free spins here.

Slots on mobile devices

Nowadays, players in Canada have the opportunity to play hundreds of unique slots directly on mobile devices. It’s possible due to a mix between optimized mobile casinos and mobile-adapted games. Game providers are currently launching all their games as touch versions as the number of mobile players is continuously increasing. In other words, you can play almost all casino games on mobile devices.

The development will only continue, and in the future, there will be even more people playing mobile casino than PC casino.

To play real money slots on mobile devices, you need the following:

  • An account at a gaming site that offers casino games.
  • A smartphone or tablet of a newer model that can handle the games.
  • Wi-fi connection or good 3G, but preferably 4G+.
  • Log in via the mobile browser or in the app (if the site offers one) and then start playing.

Lastly, most sites also have a feature that makes it possible to test the slot machines with play money. That can be smart to do, especially with new games, as you don’t risk your own money.

RTP on slots online

RTP stands for Return To Player and is used to show the percentage refund on various slots. You may recognize that the house always wins when it comes to the casino industry? In other words, games are designed so that the player will lose in the long run. It’s just pure mathematics. Slot machines and other casino games have a pre-set payout percentage, usually at 95-98%. The average RTP per C$100 will then be between C$95 – C$98. But this varies greatly as some players win several thousand percent back on their bet.

When it comes to jackpot games, the percentage always falls slightly lower than the average because a small portion of the bet ends up in the jackpot. So what does a 95-98% RTP mean to you as a player? It means that sometimes you will lose and sometimes you will win, but always lose in the long run. In other words, it’s all about luck and timing. Therefore, it’s essential to play responsibly and not to chase losses.

Slots in the future

In the future, we will be able to play even more slots online as the interest increases. Thanks to the technology moving forward and the lucrative gaming industry, many want to invest there. This way, new game creators are born, and more casino sites launch, which means more casino games to play. Thanks to all this, there will always be thousands of slots to play. And the number will increase in the future.

However, some games may get removed from the casinos or by the manufacturers themselves. But more games are launched per year than removed, so the quantity will always increase. In summary, slots are hot now and will be even more popular in the future.


Slots are here to stay and will always be among the most popular casino games available in Canada. On this page, we have gone through information about slots online to learn more about them. We have also compiled a list of welcome offers from the best gambling sites that also happens to offer the best welcome packs for slot machines. Enjoy the games out there! 

Questions & answers about Slots

We answer common questions that have to do with slots online.

Can I play slots with play money?

Most gaming sites offer their visitors different slots without being logged in or playing for real money. So it’s possible to test slot machines with play money.

What do slots mean?

Slots are casino games that spin and that contain various symbols. If you hit the right symbols, you win. Before online games, there were only slot machines in land-based casinos, but now there are thousands of modern slot machines online.

What is the payback percentage on slots online?

The payback on slots online varies slightly, but the payback percentage (RTP) is 95% – 98% on average.

Do slot machines work in mobile devices?

Yes, almost all slot machines are available in a so-called “touch version.” Game manufacturers are launching their slots so that they work flawlessly in mobile devices.

Are online slots rigged?

No, there’s no rigging of the various slots online. It’s the game providers that program the machines mathematically, so the payback percentage is correct etc. The game providers would go bankrupt quickly if they rigged the games.

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