Live Casino

Live casino is a product that has become very popular at gambling sites in modern times. The concept is that the gambling sites and game providers has launched table games such as roulette and blackjack live via webcam. You can therefore get the real casino feeling through your computer and mobile devices simply by being connected to Internet.

Below you find more information about the product itself. So if you are new to live casino, you might be able to lear a thing or two.

Live casino – different games

When it comes to live casino online it’s some casino games that you can play. It’s about different table games such as roulette, blackjack, lucky wheels or other card games. With other words the games that requires a dealer to run the games. Below you find the popular live casino games that you can play almost at all online casinos.Live Casino

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Texas Hold’em
  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Live Three Card Poker
  • Live Lucky Wheel

There’s pretty many games to choose among. Slots is something that isn’t here but they don’t belong to games that requires a dealer. So, if you play online casino on any gambling site it’s very likely that you’ll find any of the games above.

Live casino – history

The foundation to live casino online is the fact that players has always enjoyed table games like roulette and blackjack. With that knowledge, the game developers waited until they had the technology in order to be able to launch their products. A few years in on the year 2000 you could see more and more interest around live casino when for example game providers like Evolution Gaming launched (2006) with focus on live games. After this it became obvious to offer live casino games. So, thanks to the game providers NetEnt and Evolution Gaming we have a first class live game entertainment in all our devices today.

There is also a good mix of male and female live dealers and a wide selection of games that suits all kind of players. Through the history even more games have been added and more game providers starts and run live games. Some gambling sites also decided to go all in and only offered live casino to be more unique. Although lately those gambling sites starts to widen their game selection as well in order to offer games for all players. We can say that live casino saw the light in modern time and is absolutely here to stay.

Offers for live casino

There are several offers that you can take part of if you like live casino. There are some live casino bonuses that you can use on different deposits or get via loyalty programs or competitions. Then there’s lots of competitions and special campaigns with nice price money in the pot. The most common offer is different races/competitions that gives extra price money depending on placement.

Some gambling sites also gives welcome bonuses that’s adapted for live casino which is a good thing. Some bonuses contribute to 0% of the wagering requirement if you play different table games, so there are bonuses that’s especially for live casino with special wagering requirement. If you are interested in live casino games I can recommend you to check everything from the wagering requirement to how it works with the bonuses that you activate to find out if it suits your kind of playing.

Live casino in mobile & tablet

Something that’s positive for everyone who likes live casino is that most of the gambling sites delivers their live product even on the mobile version of the site. That means that you can follow all action through a webcam from your mobile or tablet. This is something that hasn’t been around for too long as the technology hasn’t been there yet. But lately it’s live on almost all UK casinos out on the market. It was a step in the right direction when the first live casino games were launched.

You don’t need anything special to play this product in your mobile & tablet. You only need to login to your gaming account through your mobile device and then it works the same way as on your PC. Note that some casinos don’t have all casino games available on mobile devices, so you can choose the site depending on the selection of games sometimes and not just the offer.

Live casino 2018

2018 is a really good year for live casino as everything is in its place and the product gets more and more popular. Gambling sites puts much into the product as well as the game developers makes sure to develop the product even more on their end. It becomes a great combination and us players can therefore get a great gambling experience and many nice offers, especially during 2018 and forward. As that wasn’t enough you can play in all different devices.

When it comes to new games there might be a launch of a new live casino game as there was in 2017. Then there was the Dream Catcher game from Evolution Gaming that was launched. The game is based on a wheel that you spin and if you hit right you can win up to 40 x the stake. Who knows what the game developers has to offer us in 2018 and forward.

Pros with live casino online

There are a lot of pros with live casino online, depending on what you compare to. If we compare to computerized table games where everything is programmed in a computer, there’s only perks as everything happens in real time with real dealers instead of computerized. No one can argue against live casino being better than computerized games. Personally, I like to see everything that happens on the table compared to not to see. When it comes to the comparison between land based and live online it depends on what you prefer. But the most noticeable perks are that you can play from all world’s corners. You can play through computer, mobile and tablet when playing online. When playing land based you need to have an actual casino nearby to play. This is something that many people don’t have nearby.

The conclusion is that live casino online has big advantages compared to land based and computerized casino games.

Live casino in the future

If we’re looking forward in the casino world it looks positive for the live casino. The development goes forward and both game developers and gambling sites works on making everything even better. What will get better is the product itself, better dealers, more games and technology. So, you’ll be able to get an even better gambling experience than before. Then there can also be new games launched to the product which is exiting and appreciated by players. You shouldn’t forget that there will be more offers and campaigns to take part in as well. Overall there will be more value to get from the gambling sites.

There aren’t really any negative things about the future for the product. In order for the product to decrease would be if players top playing the product, but that’s not likely to happen. So, if you’re a live casino-player there’s only positive things to expect in the future.

Summary of live casino

This page contains information about the game product of live casino that’s popular online. It’s about different table games like blackjack, baccarat and roulette that’s transmitted live through a webcam directly to your mobile, computer and tablet. That was you get all table games in a real casino experience that many people appreciate. Above sites are hand-picked and they offer the best live selection of games. Good luck with the gambling out there and hopes you get a great gambling experience.


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